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Diablo III: Currency AH opens today?!

Probably one of the most-discussed features in the past weeks. The
auction house where you can purchase items for real money! Initially it
should open on May, 26th, the date has been moved to June, 13th and
when checking yesterday, the date says June, 15th…

So will today be the big day where Blizzard finally opens the real-money auction house to the public? Will we be able to purchase items to get any further in Diablo III?

Questions over questions. And for those who played Diablo III at Hell difficulty: Yes, the need for good euipment is given. Noticed that when I died my way along in Act 2 – Hell with my bro and a very good friend of mine.

Interesting to see anyways what will come towards all Diablo III gamers. Fortunately the other glitches and kinks have been annihilated in the past days and weeks and the game runs stable so far.

On the other hand there are still some curious problems and “hacks” where one could ask himself: Is Diablo III free of cheats? Some players show screenshots where they seem to have 4 billion gold. Some others show screenshots where they have Uber-items that are possbily sold for an outrageous price in the auction house.

However I doubt that there will be many users willing to fork out tremendous amounts of gold to get hands on a good item.

Another question that’s bothering me a bit, is, can items still be duped and will one, who pays a lot of gold for such duped items in the auction house loose it when Blizzard detects that the item was duped using cheats or flaws in the server structure?

I guess, once again, time will tell… sooner or later!

Happy gaming anyways! – Get Diablo hard when you reach him!

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