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Master of keys: The G600 from Logitech

It seems as if Logitech still has the power to draw attention to it’s products.
The G600 seems to fill the gap between a gamer mouse and the possibility
to control a MMORPG without the use of a keyboard at all. But what makes
the G600 so special against other mice from other manufacturers.

Let’s have a closer look on the new mouse from Logitech that comes in black and white (for those who are on the esthetic lane) :

The mouse looks plain and at first look not special.
But the left side looks a bit different…

The cable-bound mouse not less than 12(!) G-Keys on the left side.
Call it a mini-keyboard if you will…

The white variant has a quite futuristic look.

The mouse comes with a special rugged coat as we know it from the G5 mouse (an excellent gamer aswell!). The small gimick for this rodent that has a price tag  of 90 Swiss francs is that you can double-setup your keys. The Alternate (Shift) key is on the right side (let’s say the accented third mouse button, that is also the rest for your pinkie). So with this alternation you have 24 possible keys at your thumb!

Another gadget that makes the mouse go well with, let’s say, a G19 keyboard is the optionally configurable lighting of the keys. With RGB LED technology, your rodent can take almost any of the 16 million colors you may select from. Necessary or not, it let’s you customze your mouse and fit to your needs. Besides it looks cool if your mouse comes with a bright blue or why not also with a really odd-looking pink? The choice is yours.

However the mouse is barely available at the usual retailers, so no detailed test from my side will be done and anyways: My Performance MX still serves well in WoW and Diablo III. No need for so many keys at the moment. But who knows. Maybe I’ll give that little rodent a try anyways. I like gadgets, you know! ^^

If the mouse really does what Logitech promises, the mouse operates at 100-8200dpi and polls every millisecond at the USB port allowing really fast reaction. The weight with 133 gramms can be described as fairly heavy but not too overweighted. However easy-handed gamers may find the mouse a tad too heavy while other gamers with less tactile hands may say that the mouse is too light. Unfortunately this mouse does not allow weight customization.

Another setback is that the mouse is again only for right-handers. No Left-hander-model has been sighted so far and Logitech itself has not given out any information that they will do a left-handed version.

The gliders are said to last for 250 kilometres at least and each key/button should live 20 million clicks in average. Usually no mouse ever lives that long so these values are regarded with some sceptism. I had a G5 myself and the right button did not live longer than two months. the scroll wheel, being used as double-click, also stopped working two months later on. Although this could be a mattr of a monday model which had some unforeseeable glitches, it is still annoying. Fortunately, Logitech has a good warranty service, so I got mine exchanged without any problems.

Well… Logitech has made another step in the gaming sector. I wonder when Logitech will bring out a mouse that comes with a touch screen on it…

Nice saturday to y’all!

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