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Burj Khalifa soon to be topped?

It seems as if the chinese people are planing to top Burj Khalifa which is
currently the talles building on earth with it’s 826 metres height. The
company BSB (Broad Sustainable Building) which was also involved in
building a 30 storeys tall hotel in only 15 days, plans to raise the planned…

…tower in only 90 days at a total height of 838 metres. This is a very ambiguous goal to reach but as they’ve provven with the 30-storeys-hotel, it seems feasible.

I still wonder, how many people will have to work 24/7 on that building as on Burj Khalifa there were already 10.000 workers involved and the tower had a buildup time of almost 6(!) years!

BSB still claims that the building will comply to any safety standards regarding earthquake stability and also comply to a various number of ecological aspects and regulations.

Yet the problem of the micro climate which is a side effect of the 838 metres vertical ascension is one to solve.

Also there are no costs mentionned, the building will cost. As a reference: Burj Khalifa was at a cost of total 1.8 billion USD upon construction completion.

Here’s the video showing the 30-storey-hotel buildup:

(video is courtesy of BSB)

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