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Western Digital hits 2TB with 2.5″

The new portable HDDs in the classic 2,5″ size are now upgraded and hold 2TB
of data. With this size one could fit a music archive of approx 240.000 Songs
or 117.000 RAW images with 17MP resolution. This is possible as WD has fit
4 platters into a 15mm high case. This HDD comes only as external USB3.0.

However High-density internal drives won’t become available for quite some time. Those lucky ones which notebooks can fit 12mm drives into, may soon be able to fit 1.5tb into their rig. However information is rarely seeded. So is only known that the 2TB external USB3.0 drive will cost about 280 EUR in WDs own online store. Some US sites have listed the drive at 200US$ but the drive isn’t yet available there.

Some german shops list the drive for roughly 200 EUR but not yet available there also. But as soon as you can get hands on. I’ll probably buy me one of these portable data storages and post my experiences here.

The drives come as 500GB,1TB and 2TB models and therefore in heights of 12,16 and 21mm case height (9.5,12 and 15mm drive height). So one can assume that the drives will hold 1,2 and 4 platters inside spinning at 5400rpm. Don’t expect top speeds of these drives but they’re not made for that anyways. The only thing that amazes me is that there’s no 1.5TB model such as Seagates FlexDrive. Seagate has brought out that drive size approx. a year ago.

But to clarify that: I have WD in my IT environment for several years now and I had no big problems with any of my internal and external drives so far. I consider WD to be one of the most reliable HDD drive manufacturer if not the most reliable anyways.

The black 2TB model with 21mm case height

The complete color lineup. I like the black and white one best…

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