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Huawei soon to be sued by Apple?

Although I really appreciate other manufacturers to come up with good alter-
atives to Apple’s new iPad, I still fear that some manufacturers seem to seek
for the thrill of being sued by Apple for design patent violations. The newest
tablet from Huawei, the MediPad FHD seems to make no exception here.

As the following image shows, the MediPad FHD looks very similar to Apple’s new iPad and thus faces the problem of being sued for design patent infringement.

Huawei’s newest tablet – looks very similar to Apple’s new iPad…

Whatever will happen, Huawei may face problems upon the design as Samsung has already had some severe fights with Apple concerning the design. And it’s doubtful if Huawei has so much money to either have a cash settlement with Apple or completely fighting the fight with Apple in order to have the tablet sold without any problems.

Also it’s not yet clear if this tablet will be available in the EU also.

The specs however read fine:

– quadcore A10 CPU
– powerful GPU (said-to-be 16core)
– 1920×1200 FHD+ resolution
– 8mm thin
– 586g weight

The body is also an Aluminum body so the haptics may be fine. However there’s nothing known about the battery runtime nor the heat dissipation this device may develop when being heavily stressed.

So let’s see if some news will come up when it comes to the sale time.

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