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The new skyline of New York

The new skyline of new york is raising up. But so do the costs of the project.
Originally, the costs have been estimated to a total cost of $11 billion dollars.
While One WTC is growing and finishing it’s raw buildup in mid 2012, the other
towers lack of being rented. So is Two WTC only rented on seven floors!

If not at least ten floors are rented on Two WTC, the 80-story-planned tower may come to a standstill and stay at it current 10-story-niveau. The costs have been exploded from $11 billion to $14.6 billion right now. To give you an idea: The complete Gotthardtunnel for trains with it’s gigantic length (all tubes come to 157km length) and it’s geographical difficult location comes to a total of $21 billion US$. The Eurochunnel has cost $15 billion then and speaking of buildings: The classical WTC has cost $900 million, the actual Prime Tower in Zurich “only” $350 million. And even Burj Khalifa, the world’s highest building with it’s impressive 828 metres of height “only” consumed $1.4 billion.

Another big project that has cost 5 times the estimated project costs was the “Big Dig” under Boston’s sea port. $14,6 billion dollars were the costs at last when it has been completed…

Commuters have to pay the bill. So cost Hudson crossings using the different tunnels now 17 US$, which is quite expensive. Also the loading bays had to be built for the tower but are now blocked till 2016 by the provisoric subway station. So how do the renters get their stuff into One WTC?

It seems as if several mistakes have been made. Expensive mistakes as to say. Within these gigantic costs, there’s a prestige train station built by Santiago Calatrava that has an estimated $3 billion price tag although only 80.000 estimated customers per day will probably use it. Weird!

Other cost-raising structures are the labyrinth-like sublevel structures for subways and other maintenance structures.

Although the new Skyline looks good so far, commuters may hate it as the newest cost-increases for crossing Hudson river have risen to $17!

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