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And now, the moment…

….we’ve been all waiting for. Apple has unveiled it’s
announcement for the upcoming, second event which
we all hope to see the new iPhones presented on. But
not only new iPhones might be shown…

Analysts also expect a new HomePod Mini to make it’s way into the Apple Audio hardware portfolio. As the AirTags have been discovered in the iOS code as well, also these are being expected to be shown on this event. And to round it all up, we might als get a glimpse on the new Apple Over-ear headphones which most likely will replace the Beats headphones.


And last but not least Apple might give us a view upon what to expect from the transition from Intel processors to ARM processors in future Macs.

So this event might become quite interesting to us as we might again see a new nice set of new hardware to spend our money on this christmas.

Better mark down October 13th, 2020 at 10am PST, which is 7pm MESZ.

Oh… one more thing: Apple again has hidden a nice AR feature on their event site which can be revealed using an AR-capable device (such as the iPhone X):

Head to Apple’s Events website and you’ll see the date and time for the October “Hi, Speed” event along with an option to add it to your calendar and the event’s graphic. But on an AR-capable iPhone and iPad, you can tap on the October event’s image to open a hidden AR experience. Have fun!

If you want to follow the event live, this link is the YouTube placeholder:

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