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Windows 10 Update 1906…

Microsoft has release a new update and it causes again
trouble to users, especially those who use Access. The
dinosaur of database tools, still bundled with Office, has
ceased functioning properly after the update.

Three security updates bundled with the november patch release seem to cause the problem that not only affects native Access queries but also those in SAGE products using Access Runtimes to query SQL databases.

Users then get confronted with “The Query (query name) is corrupt” upon execution of their previously created queries.

Microsoft issues the folloing statement:

“The recommended workaround is to update the query so that it updates the results of another query, rather than updating a table directly.”

And if you’re affected and need your queries to work properly again then you’ll have to uninstall the following three patches:

It seems as if there’s not a quick workaround to be expected from Microsoft concerning this problem. So for now it’s just “Live with the security flaws or update your queries”.

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