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Cortana leaving iOS and Android

No good news for Cortana users of iOS and Android devices.
Microsoft will start to pull the Cortana App from the Google
Play Store and the AppStore on January 2020 as Microsoft
plans to integrate Cortana more and more into Office 365.

Cortana’s main task will then be the voice-assisted editing and management of documents rather than having another competitor on the voice-controlled assistant environment currently dominated by Apple, Amazon and Google.

While Amazon still has big success with Alexa, Apple also improving Siri and Google trying to push their VoiceAssistant any further, Microsoft seems to resign the fight as Cortana never was able to set foot on the existing grounds dominated by the three other competitors. While Cortana was never available in the Amazon ecosystem, it has been released on iOS and Android in December 2015 after making it’s debute on Microsoft OSses in April 2014.

However now Microsoft sees Cortana no longer being a serious competitor to the others and trying to integrate Cortana fully into their own Office products to be of use there.

Seems, Microsoft has again slept too long and did not put enough effort into making Cortana a serious alternative to Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant.

So users of the iOS and Google apps using Cortana will have to migrate their Cortana-assisted stuff either to a Microsoft-based system still having Cortana or migrate their stuff to the other assistants.

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