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Arizona has harsh cops

It seems as if it isn’t safe for you to live in Arizona even
if you’re a caring father. In this surveillance video there’s
a man shown who got tazed even with holding a little
child on his arm. The cops say he was a potential danger.

But how can someone become a potential danger with a child resting on his arm? Fighting with the right hand? Most likely not. Firing a weapon one handed? Maybe possible but with a child nearby? Unlikely!

This video took place few months ago in Arizona and it again shows that if cops storm your house as U.S. citizen, you better obey to them not asking questions as you might get tazed or even shot. Not quite the world someone would prefer to live in.

It is doubtful that the officers will ever face consequences from a false judgement for tasing this man as he did only say that they should stay away from him. Yet they tased him (three tasers were launched!) and risked the child being hurt.

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