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The WWDC 2019

The WWDC 2019 in San José, CA is one of Apple’s bigger events mostly
dealing with the upcoming iOS, MacOS, WatchOS and TVOS versions.
In this year Apple however has added the “Oh… one more thing” spice
again. Quite unexpected yet expected at the big Apple event though…

…the new Apple MacPro. A high-end desktop computer whose precessor, the cylindrical-formed computer didn’t have much success so far.

The WWDC 2019 is carried out in the San José McExpery Convention Center:

Based on it’s design and estimated price of 50’000 US$ when maxed out, it got it’s nickname “The most expensive cheese grinder”


The Basic variant is “only” 6’000 US$ and comes with an 8-core Intel Pentium i7, 32GB RAM and 256GB SSD as well as with a low-cost GPU.

The maxed version for 50’000 US$ will have a 28-core Intel Xeon, 1,5TB RAM, 8TB SSD as well as two Vega 20 Dual-GPU graphics cards which can also be used for GPGPU crunching more than 120TFLOPS with single precision. Impressive yet nothing a home user would ever consider buying except these who have plenty of money to spend.

Alongside with the new Mac Pro, there’s also the new Mac Pro XDR Display which adds another 6’000 US$ to the bill. If you want to have a swivel stand like the old Mac had, then prepare to shell out another 1’000 US$ here. Yes, a STAND for 1K US$! No joke!

The design is going alongside with the new Mac Pro. A nice ensemble indeed. Video is from Apple.

The reaction when the Stand price was announced (999 US$):

Clearly audible that people thought either “Are they serious?”, “Are they kidding?!” “WTF!?!”

Interestingly a lot of videos where the murmuring and laughter of some viditors was audible were deleted on YouTube. Maybe Apple has gone too far this time. Let’s be honest: Your monitor already costs 6’000 US and then you charge customers extra for the stand? In fact this might be logical as some people want to mount the display on a compative VESA mount but some don’t have that mount and then they have to shell out another 1000 US$ for amatching stand? This is indeed a bit ridiculous. And besides of that, this also leaves a bitter taste on Apple and their price design!

To talk about the WWDC would result in a long wall of text, so we just refer to the video instead where you can follow the WWDC (137 minutes):

Oh, make sure you’re on a good data plan or on a public WLAN (flatrate recommended!) when watching the WWDC video as it is 6GB in size!

If you wonder where the murmuring and laughing about the stand price is in the above video: It should be around 1:42:00. If Apple doesn’t edit that out in the meantime.

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