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Apple Watch Series 4 repair

We all love our gadgets. The Apple Watch is in it’s 4th
generation. Like every other device with Gorilla Glass, also
the Apple Watch may get a shattered glass if it falls on it.
Will it be repairable then or is it scrap worth 400US$ then?

This question will be answered by Jerry Rig Everything (Zack Nelson) who took the effort to disassemble the Apple Watch and even get the shattered Gorilla glass away from the OLED assembly, which needs a lot of patience and tact. At the end Zack has won the battle but it’s clear that the display glass is not easily replaced and probably the reason why there are no iPhone repair shops who are willing to replace a shattered display glass.

But watch the whole “journey” for yourself:

More teardowns and durability tests can be found on his youtube channel: Click here

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