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US debt collection agency hacked!

Data theft is never a good thing. Be it personal data, sensitive
data or other digital data one finds valuable. In this case AMCA
(American Medical Collection Agency) was hacked and about
10 million datasets of people owing money were stolen.

This is indeed a serious hack as it means possible blackmailing people who are already in trouble. Especially seen from monetary aspects. The hacker could sell this data to other collection agencies who are even more agressive than for example Retrieval-Masters Credit Bureau, a subsidiary of AMCA, even more agressively forcing people to pay unpaid bills.

What makes all this even more worse is the fact that the datasets contain credit card information, bank account information, social security numbers, names of the debitors as well as their medical results(!!!). Quest, one company former working together with AMCA has clearly distanced from AMCA now as they find this situation extremely worrying and unacceptable. They instantly quit collabration with AMCA as this disaster became public!

AMCA has officially stated to hire a forensic detctive to find out how the intrusion took place and how much data has been stolen. But it’s expected that a large number of datasets have been stolen (namely 10 million in total resulting from hacks into the databases of AMCAs subsidiaries such as RMCB)

We can only hope that this will have a big penalty as a follow-up for AMCA. Sensitive Data has to be kept safe under all circumstances. Especially when the stored data contains information that can massively devastate a person’s reputation. And debt records as well as not-good medical diagnostic results are highly-sensitive data to be kept classified!

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