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Ever wanted to be on the ISS?

Ever wanted to be as a hotel guest on the ISS? Got 35’000
US$ to spare per night? Well then you’re a potential
candidate for being on the ISS. The NASA plans to
commercialize the ISS a bit more to raise economy.

But not only extremely rich people are in the focus. Also Science teams shall profit from the ISS new usage plans. However the 35’000 US$ do not cover transport to and from the ISS. A total cost of 50 million US$ per trip is estimated.

Finance executive Jeff DeWit plans to add a commercial hospitalization module to the ISS in order to allow guests to stay on the ISS without interfering much with the ISS team being on the ISS longterm.

The transport shall be made possible with the help of SpaceX (an Elon Musk division!) which is also responsible for the health checks on earth so that guests won’t face complications on the ISS.

The USA are the biggest financier of the ISS with a cosdt of 3 billion US$ per year. The total costs to establish the ISS colony is estimated at roughly 100 billion US$

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