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Russia against VPN!

According to a report of various sources it seems as if
a larger number of VPN services may be no longer
available in Russia. This because the VPN provider in
focus do not route their traffic via russian gov servers.

With the routing via governmental servers of Russia (FGIS), the russian justice authorities could then interact with the traffic and deep-inspect every packet that flows through their server structure. To date only one provider will comply with the demands of the russian telecommunication authority Roskomnadzor, namely Kaspersky!

Other services like NordVPN, ExpressVPN, OpenVPN, TorGuard, KeepSolid, HideMyAss!, Hola VPN, IPVanish and VyprVPN do not want to route their traffic via the FGIS.

Alexandr Zharov, chief executive of Roskomnadzor said that bans against non-cooperating VPM providers can then be taken online within a month. of the nine non-participating VPN services, NordVPN and OpenVPN said they’re not cooperating as this demand would then question the P in VPN. They fear that the deep packet inspection of FGIS could then reveal otherwise private communication.

Other than that Russia plans to ban unwanted messenger services from their network which carry out information that do not comply with the russian government.

Recently Telegram Messenger got banned from russian networks as they do not weaken their E2E encryption.

Putin has just signed a new law to build an own “Internet” for Russia. This, to prevent cyber attacks and crime. But we all know that this is total BS! Something similar has started in China as well. And look where they are now. A free internet worldwide? Hah! In your dreams!

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