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The E3 and Microsoft

The E3 is THE expo for upcoming gaming hard- and
software. It takes place from Tuesday June 11th to
Thursday June 13th. So what does Microsoft plan to
show here? A interesting name has been heard of!

The XBox Scarlett seems to be the next-gen console from Microsoft to cope with the other companies like Sony and Nintendo.

While nothing much is known about the upcoming PS5, Microsoft already reveals some interesting details of the XBox Scarlett.

But if you think you can gather a view on the new console at this E3, then you’ll be disappointed. Microsoft won’t show the final console until the E3 next year. So all you will see or her is about what Microsoft will reveal in 2020, when Sony and Nintendo will reveal their nextgen consoles as well.

So on to the tech details Microsoft has revealed so far. The XBox Scarlet shall have such a strong GPU so that it can handle 8K resolution and 4K resolution at 120fps. This would mean a lot of power in the future to serve even large-format TVs that come with 8K resolution. Also Raytracing is a topic to focus on. So the question is, will Scarlett then have a modified Geforce RTX GPU inside? Or is even AMD planning to release a GPU that can handle Raytracing easily, especially at 8K resolution!

And what about the competitors, like Sony? Will the PS5 also have 8K support and 4K Support at 120fps? This is yet unreleased and unconfirmed as well as there’s not much known about the PS5 at all.

If you plan to attend the E3, you’ll find the L.A. Convention Center here:

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