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U.S. border patrol lost 100.000 images!

If you’re in the U.S.A. and crossed the border there
to either Canada or Mexico with your vehicle, then
it might be most likely that yours and your vehicle’s
license plate image has been stolen from the USBP.

Perceptis, working together with the USBP and CBP has illegally copied over more than 100.000 images to their own network for further inspection. As this is not allowed, Perceptis has broken law already. But with being hacked, the situation is even worse. Although the images haven’t been spotted on the net yet, it’s not clear who is behind the hacking attempt.

It’s speculated that a secret service from another country is behind all this. There’s high risk that the hackers are seeking for someone special crossing the U.S. border. Although most of the civil persons don’t have to fear anything yet, it’s unclear why a secret service steals 100’000 images and then tries to find out about a person of interest. Furthermore there’s a mass of images going through the network of the USBP every day as millions of people are crossing U.S. borders.

So the question is what was the intention of the hackers to attack Perceptis at a specific day to steal 100’000 images and how did they know that Perceptis was copying over the images at that specific day?

And last but not least: Why is the USBP still working together with Perceptis although they have broken applicable law and endangered the integrity of the USBP?

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