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iOS13 and location services

Ever wondered which app requests your location at which time and
at which location? Then you might be dazzled to read that iOS13
will have a feature that allows you to check about just that. And even
better: You can grant access from there once or always.

So when it comes to localizing your phone, you’ll have more transparency on the information and poll rate of apps that use your location data for whatever reason.

Since location tracking is already omnipresent in a lot of apps, this feature might allow to see which app requests location data at which location and for whatever reason.

You can also grant permanent tracking (which means tracking while app is closed as well), or tracking only when app is in use. Most users will have the second option active as permanent tracking is consuming a lot of battery and makes no sense if the location data is not necessary for essential things like tracking your phone upon theft or when you’re doing a workout. Some apps just use permanent tracking to create a movement scheme of you and then deliver context-based ads upon your “tour”. So if you’re around McDonalds restaurants frequently, the ads might inform you upon new mcDonalds deals once the tracking app notices that you’re close to a McDonalds restaurant.

But with some apps the background location determination isn’t necessary and their use is also questionable.

While you can permanently or once grant access to your location data via the new map screen, you’ll have to disable location tracking permanently via the system settings.

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