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Ryzen 3950X beats Core I9 9980X!

AMD Ryzen strikes again! The 3950X with it’s 749US$ price tag
has no problem beating the Core i9 9980X with it’s 2000US$ price
tag. Although the 9980X has 2 cores more, it seems as if the AMD
processor is more efficient when it comes to performance.

In numbers that is as follows

Geekbench 4.3.4:

AMD Single-core: 5868
Intel Single-core: 5395

AMD Multi-core: 61072
Intel Multi-core: 46618

Interesting fact: The AMD Ryzen 3950X is running at 3.3GHz/4.3GHz all-core/single-core turbo.

This could be due to the fact that the used CPU is an engineering sample as the final product is usually clocking at 3.7/4.7GHz respectively. So even with this underclocked CPU, AMD is beating the way more expensive Intel CPU and if AMD is powering up at full speed, well, you do the math!

Let’s see how Intel will respond to this result…


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