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Apple’s A13 Bionic CPU

Not much is known about Apple’s newest CPU that is
supposed to drive the iPhone 11 and probably any
successor of the iPad lineup. However it is known that
it is fabbed at 7nm structure width. Thanks to TSMC.

So no surprises here. Apple sticks to the partner who has fabbed their processors in the past. But more interesting is how the A1§3 Bionic will perform in performance when compared to the A12 Bionic who is already blazing fast and even outwitting some desktop CPUs(!)

But as always, Apple keeps this a secret so that in Fall 2019 there’s new meat on the bone to present to the media and avvid Apple users who can’t wait to have the newest gadgets at hand.

According to Boomberg the following information has leaked: The iPhone XS successor is codenamed ‘D43’ and the new iPhone XR is codenamed ‘N104’. Each model will gain an extra camera with the ‘iPhone 11’ adding an ultra-wide lens. Apple’s hardware upgrades will enable more detailed photos and ‘a broader range of zoom’. But still there’s nothing known about the camera modules used in both phone models just as Samsung has announced two new camera modules that will indeed enhance detail level (see here).

It is said that the new iPhone models will be 0.5 to 0.7mm thicker to house the new triple camera array into the body without the camera ‘buckle’ to be standing out too far. However there’s no chance that the surplus of room will also be used for a little more battery capacity albeit this would be a chance to do so.

If the rumors are true that one can charge his Airpods using the backside QI coil that also charges the iPhone is still not known. This would mean that the Qi charging coil is then equipped with bidirectional charging logics as it is already with some Samsung phones where you can also charge other devices with your phone.

So whatever comes, the next months will for sure seed some more rumors and leaks and in Fall ’19 we will probably see a new generation of iPhones that will lift the level of the iPhone a little further. Especially the camera will be in focus as the Huawei P30 Pro ans the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G are currently equipped with the best camera system built into a phone according to DxO Mark (see here), whereas the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G has the better Selfie cmaera!

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