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Intel finally ready to supply 10nm chips

It took a while for Intel to make 10nm processors ready for
shipment. Now it looks like as if the production of 10nm
chips is running stable. Intel says that it will start shipping
Ice Lake mobile processors in June now.

First devices equipped with the new Ice Lake processors are expected by the end of the year later on. So while Intel finally has 10nm stable in production, AMD is still firing processors at 7nm to customers and manufacturers. And furthermore AMD is already investigating the next reduction step to 5nm. The minimum currently physically possible. TSMC and AMD have already started experiments to reduce structure sizes down to 5nm however the yield is unsatisfying. But until the day INtel has 7nm fabrication stable, maybe TSMC is already ready for 5nm production and AMD as well. So no time to urge here as the new EPYC and Threadripper processors which are still in 7nm fabrication process are not out yet. But it’s promising that they seem to output almost the same process power than the double-as-expensive Xeon processors from Intel. The fact that a new supercomputer will also be built with the AMD EPYC processors and AMD VEGA GPGPU units which will probably reach 1.5 ExaFLOPs set AMD back to the top while Intel still struggles with structure reduction in chip fabrication.

However there’s also a project for a supercomputer called “Aurora” which is based on Intel processors and using the same computing structure as the AMD system. So once again the race is set and as the green flag drops, we’ll see which one of these two systems brings more calculation power for the power consumed. Efficiency is one of the factors that decide the success of a supercomputer. And despite it all this ain’t a good discipline for Intel for now!

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