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Concept art of a possible iPhone 11 Fold?

When it comes to new gadgets and releases, Apple
is always in line for surprises. But also the apple fan
community takes it’s time to create interesting
mockup concepts of possible upcoming devices.

The following video shows a possible foldable iPhone 11 with Fold mechanism. Taking it’s ideas from the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the iPhone XI Fold might look a bit more elegant.

But watch for yourself:

Interesting indeed. But there are some big question marks here: What didn’t work with the Galaxy Fold, should instantly work with the iPhone XI Fold? A completely corner-bent screen? No Way. So the totally-closed case is just a dream imho. The rest however seems feasible. The 3-eyed square camera module is not unlikely as it is shown in several design suggestions and even mockups for the upcoming iPhone 11.

Also we see the same metal frame the iPhone X already has. Elegant and functional. It gives the iPhone X models a classy and worthy touch indeed. An interesting part might be the butterfly hinge mechanism in the center of the screen. And a little fauxpas the video has: The device rests centered in a docking station. This is most unlikely because the Lightning/USB-C connector wouldn’t fit into the hinge at all. So the dock is either much wider housing a lightning connector to either the left or right of the unfurled device and on the opposing side a dummy rest so that the lightning plug is not exposed to any shearing stress. And last but not least there’s also the question about the weight of this device. An iPhone XS Max already kicks in with a whopping 208g. If the iPhone 11 Fold is as large as the iPhone XS Max, then it could become a real heavy device. A weight over 300g might be most likely. And also the question about battery run time will become an issue. The video shows 2 screens (one at the front most likely being as large as the one in the iPhone XS Max) and one large on inside which covers double the size.

If we look at the resolutions, the iPhone XS Max comes with 2688×1242 pixels. So even if Apple just goes 2688×2484 pixels, theat’s a lot of MP to calculate. Apple will have to design a powerful GPU that can handle 2 screens simultaneously (to allow seamless switching) and if 120Hz is involved, the GPU should not need a lot of power as else the battery might go down in less than one day.

But as initially written, this is a concept and far from being real. But the ideas are given and who knows, maybe Apple will surprise us indeed with an Apple iPhone XI Fold sometime.

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