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Apple releases new iPad mini

Apple has released new devices of their iPad mini.
The 7th generation of the iPad Mini now supports
the Apple Pencil 1st generation and comes with
the A12 Bionic processor but without FaceID.

Instead the iPad Mini 7 still relies on the TouchID button. So it’s a mild update of existing hardware whereas the resolution of the screen changed to 2262×1668 pixels. The connector is still the same reliable Lightning connector and that’s why the Apple Pencil Gen1 will be chargeable on the port of the new iPad Mini as well.

With the new release, Apple drops the iPad Pro 9.5 and only has the iPad Pro 10.5 and 12.4 with actual A13 processors in the portfolio.

The prices for the new iPad Mini range from 399 US$ to 649US$ depending whether you order the 64 or 256GB model with or without LTE module. the iPad Mini 6th Gen is significantly dropping in price and becomes the budget model for those who do not need the most recent hardware but rather a well-functioning solid iPad mini.

All new devices are already available for purchase that’s why the homepage of Apple was down earlier this day.

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