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Apple’s next event ahead

While other smartphone companies prefer the
spotlight of the MWC to show their latest phones
and software releases, Apple prefers to hold their
own event inhouse to do so.

On March 25th, it’s again showtime in Cupertino when Apple is showing heir newest plans to keep the title as most worthful brand in the world.

Recent fusions with other companies have shown that Apple is trying to get ahead when it comes to Service all around your phone.

Although this event usually does not show any new hardware, the event however specializes on software releases and upgrades.

It’s rumored that Apple will now present an own streaming service to all Apple customers to take part in the streaming market. Their biggest opponent is Netflix which has a widespread userbase and a very big library of films and series.

Apple wants to take the step further and it’s said that iTunes library could be made a streaming platform with full access to every title including a live TV streaming service. This could be very stressful vor Netflix as the iTunes library (especially films section) is huge and offers high-quality material.

Other things may include updates to the upcoming iOS13 and probably show a roadmap in which direction iOS12 and iOS13 are developing including tvOS and WatchOS. There’s however nothing special known about how macOS will develop further.

So let’s see what Apple will show us on March 25th:

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