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Samsungs Galaxy S10 easy to fool!

Ever thought, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is up to
level with the FaceID technology from Apple?
Well… it should be but it seems as if Samsung
still thinks that their security feature is secure.

A video blogger (Unbox Theory) has found out that the S10 can be easily fooled using a second smartphone showing the owners face in either a video or picture.

Well it doesn’t take a professor’s brain to find out what this now means. If you secure your phone using Face Recognition, you’d better not have yourself photographed or pictures of you owned by others. Because they could unlock your phone without any problems.

Another fact is that even similar-looking twins can unlock each other’s phone without problems. And if Things weren’t bad already, the unlocking even works with boy an girl from the same family who happen to look just nearly similar!

This is definitely a no-go and Samsung should find a way how to make their Face Recognition Security feature secure (as intended!)

Here’s the video of Unbox Therapy showing how easily the Galaxy S10 gets unlocked with a video!

Here’s Brother and sister in a picture and they can unlock each other’s Galaxy S10…

And this guy was able to unlock his Galaxy S10 with a picture:

Come on, Samsung. For a product that asks for a premium price, this is just unacceptable!

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