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Samsung Galxy S3, iPhone 5?

The rumors start cooking again. Samsung is said to be shoing the new Galaxy S3 on the
Mobile World Congress in Spring 2012 and Apple seems to be finally working on the
iPhone 5. So what’s up? The Galaxy S3 shall come with a 1.5GHz quadcore processor
while the iPhone 5 is still only a visual concept with no further details.

So what do you think? Will these two cell phones hit the market in 2012 and if so, when? My theory is that Apple won’t publish the iPhone 5 before autumn 2012 and Samsung will probably launch it’s S3 probably in late summer 2012, early autumn 2012 in order to outwit Apple.

This shall be a close concept image of the Gamaxy S3:

And this is said to be an actual concept of the iPhone 5:

So let’s see what 2012 will bring us. I bet, the other manufacturers ain’t sleeping, too!

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