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Last year, deep winter, this year, not?

Well, the weather is kinda odd this year. Horror news about increasing climatic temps,
more greenhouse gas effect and the ongoing pollution of the earth are probably the
cause for this year’s winter to start later. Or finally never… who knows. At least the
temperatures are rather mild for November. So hopefully winter will still come.

While autumn with it’s grey mornings is rather depressing, winter is charming with it’s white gleaming and reflecting snow. Although the coldness isn’t charming everyone, it still brings you together.

Another thing is the unseasonable drought due to sparse rain in areas where it should rain much more in november. Many areas in switzerland seem to have problems where the plants suffer mostly from not having enough moist. The weather is acting strange and so is the climate in common.

This year’s plan was also some skiing. Hopefully I’ll be able to do so…

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