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This is why the music industry is hated!

Today, Universal has filed lawsuit against Grooveshark, a music streaming service.
Universal claims rights to about 100.000 songs that are available in Grooveshark’s
song library making the lawsuit monetary value up to 100 million US dollars. Crazy stuff!
The reason for Universal trying to sue Grooveshark can’t be followed as Grooveshark

gives a link to either AMazon or Applie iTunes to purchase the music online. So while the average user would think, that Universal should be happy about such advertisement and sale promotion (as it clearly is!), the attorneys at Universal don’t have better things to do then suing a probable customer-bringer.

Crazy world indeed. The best thing to happen to Universal is when their sales will plummet to gound when they should be successful in suing Grooveshark. Nevr bite the hand that feeds you!

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