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Smartphone crossing the 2000$?

Well, till now the iPhone XS Max was considered the most
expensive smartphone to date. Samsung took the step to
overtake Apple here and just announced the Galaxy Fold.
The special design is probably the reason for the price.

Als the name suggests, the phone can be folded. an outer screen with 1960×840 pixels marks the “smartphone” mode while the “tablet” mode with it’s inner screen has a resolution of 2152×1536 pixels. Quite impressive to see how two high-resolution screens can be squeezed into a rather small case.

On each screen 3 applications can be opened at the same time. Some applications switch from the outer screen to the inner screen once the phone is unfurled.

With 3 cameras on the backside the Fold has the same camera array as the Galaxy S10. Additionally the inner screen has a right-oriented notch where two more cameras are located.

And in the smartphone mode a 6th camera is above the screen.

All is driven by an Exynos 9820 processor which is assisted by 12GB of RAM and 512GB of internal storage.

Unlike The Galaxy S10 models, the Galaxy Fold has a standarf fingerprint sensor resting at the side of the phone. So the Fold does not offer the same new technology (an under-Display-fingerprint reader).

While these are impressive specs it is yet unknown how solid the OLED folding is and how many bends the inner screen can take before it fails to work.

However the price tag of more than 2000 US$ is hefty and most likely only the early adopters and those with a LOT of money might get one for their needs. It will come in 4 different colors. However it is not known if certain colors will be excluded from distribution in Europe.

Samsung als released a teaser video that shows the phone in it’s full glory:

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