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Apple Watch 4 detected Afib correctly

It is already well-known that the Apple Watch 4th Generation
has a well-functioning ECG component inside. Although it’s
quite reliable function, the ECG function is still not available to
all customers outside USA. And still no date visible when it will!

The main problem is that this function would lift the Apple Watch to a medical device like a blood pressure meter which must be approved by certain authorities first before it can be released for sale.

So that Apple could release the Apple Watch to date, they decided to release the ECG function for US customers only as there is already everything processed to allow Apple to sell the Apple watch with this function equipped.

And as it should happen, the clock already saved people’s lives with heart condition not just once:

Now, an Apple Watch user in Washington has credited his Apple Watch with alerting him that his atrial fibrillation had returned.

The user was warned about heart irregularity and went to hospital to have that checked.

As Afib can be intermittent, the past of the patient has to be studied first to see whether the alert is a false positive or not. In this case the user was on treatment for atrial fibrillation and took blood thinners to prevent more damage to his heart. However the medication was then took off and until then he had no problems. When he appeared at the hospital, his sinus curve of the heartbeat had returned, yet the history of the tracking has shown the Afib. So the user got his blood thinner medication again to prevent a stroke.

Indeed this is a case where the Apple watch again has saved someone from a heart attack without the need to have a doctor around 24/7.

The doctor who checked on that user for the heart irregularity is indeed looking forward to see what modern technology is capable of and who knows… maybe one time modern watches can replace a big array of measurement instruments and deliver results in a short time to help doctors to apply the necessary countermeasurements for preventing heart strokes…

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