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WordPress 5.1 released and we updated!

As you might have noticed, this post intended for Feb. 21th,
was not released, so it has been posted today on Feb. 22th.
We updated to WordPress 5.1 and had to iron out some kinks
so that nothing will interfere with your user experience here.

While we’re working in the background, you’ll still be able to use our site for your daily news around technology.

Our goal is to provide you with tech news as they become available so that you’ll be provided with fresh news whenever possible.

So if you see no news on a day, it mostly is for technical reasons. But here we think the security of your personal data is crucial to us and so we’re always trying to be up to date in order to prevent security holes that could cause data leaks to unknown persons.

Just in the past few months the theft of sensitive data has increased.

Although here on our blog there’s not much sensitive data handled, we’re still concerned about your privacy and thus trying to cut down on any tracking that could possibly occure (however the usage of Google Analytics can only prevented on your side using Anti-trackers. but the usage of Google API (some of our addons use this…  :-|   ) automatically activates Google Analytics as well and thus collects data from your browser if you haven’t activated any form of anti-tracking.

If you’re concerned about such things, we recommend using Firefox Browser and the help of AddOns like NoScript and uBlock where you can control which data is provided.

However you should allow some scripts to run as otherwise this blog might not work at it’s full potential and thus showing odd results.


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