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The MWC will begin on Monday

Everything’s 5G. That’s the motto for this years’ MWC
in Barcelona. LTE Next Gen is THE standard when it
comes to high-bandwidth data throughput for mobiles.
So it’s not a big surprise that every major brand goes 5G.

Nokia, Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi, HTC…. They all will present their newest phone models incuding a 5G capable modem. So far only Qualcomm has this kind of modem available and most brands are using Qualcomm’s modem to provide 5G functionality.

It will definitely be an update to the current 4G technology and interestingly there’s no need to setup new antennas for 5G in urban regions as the existing antenna infrastructure is also ready to be used for 5G transmission.

So what will we see tomorrow on the MWC?

Interesting to see that Nokia will debut it’s flagship phone, the long-awaited Nokia 9 with 5 cameras. Samsung and Xiaomi will show foldable smartphones, as well as Huawei. They are going to show different foldable smartphones. So while common smartphones consist of a nearly bezelfree display and one small notch or punchhole in the display, these new phones will use a foldable OLED display to double screen capacity and allow more application space at the size of a trousers’ pocket.

Maybe some new wearables will also be spotted yet it’s doubtful if they will house a 5G capable modem inside as it would mean a heavy impact on the battery run time.

Samsung halready had their event ahead to the MWC and Apple is, as always, excluding itself from the MWC as they have their own event later this year. But the eyes will now be directed to Xiaomi and Huawei as they are gaining market shares quickly and going to show Samsung their slot in place.

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