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An Apple-news a day = shameless promo!

You know… I really appreciate good devices, good design and technical perfection.
Apple is one of those companies who come up with really good gadgets that enrich your
life. But when you read about something to come up in the future all day and everywhere
then I can’t help to think that it is a shameless and cost-efficient promotion.

Not only is the iPhone 5 not yet released, it is not even clear how it is shaped.

Still there are many websites that “are sure” to know what Apple’s next-gen iPhone will look a-like…

I wonder if Apple isn’t silently straying some seed to keep all the news portals and tech websites reporting about new possible iPhone 5 design questions.

I’d really bet that all the Apple-Shops and network-carriers are for sure calculating wit the must-have-factor, all those youngsters are living for.

Believe it or not: Yes, I have an iPhone 4 and yes, I am very happy with it as it does exactly that what it is supposed to do. It even was able to make me set my old companion, the Nokia E90 away. But no, I didn’t buy it when it has been released… I waited about 1 year after the hype has cooled down and the iPhone 4 was available with ease and without standing 4 hours in line to get the note that it is sold out for at least 8 weeks.

What disturbs me most is, that Apple makes you blow out money even if you don’t have it. What I mean, you ask? Well: Look at all these youngsters that are issuing a consumer credit just to have the new gadget. Envy from my side? Hell no! I don’t buy my tech equip just to be trendy. I buy my devices to fulfill my everyday’s work and not to think about technical issues that much. That’s why I have an iPhone 4 and no Samsung Galaxy S2 even it is a good cell phone. My best friend had a Samsung Galaxy S and was unhappy with it as it tends to loose contacts, wastes your shortmessages or simply doesn’t have a good power stamina so that it cries for a wall outlet every 6 hours.

Well, the iPhone 4 has a fair run time of approx 24 hours when heavily used and a good 4 days when rarely used. The average is about each 2 days that I have my iPhone connected to a wall outlet or my notebook where it also charges without any problems.

But I am swifting away from the real topic, namely the shameless secret promotion of the upcoming iPhone… I wish, Apple would not pour so much oil into the fire and prohibit all companies that want to bring out additional gear for an upcoming device to reveal information to the public. I guess, this may be filed under NDA (Non-Disclosure-Agreement).

What applies to news portals and hardware sites, should also apply to manufacturers. It would for sure bring down the everyday-news about any possible design of an upcoming device (mostly from Apple)!


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