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Gheez… snowfall at 1000m above sea level

Well… looks like the summer is slowly passing as today it was rather cold. The weather
forecasts brought up that in the eastern parts of switzerland, snowfall border has
lowered to a mere 1000 metres above sea level. This meant chaos at Gotthard- and
Sustenpass (which connect central switzerland with Ticino / Italy) where travellers

have been surprised by approx 5cm of snow. So all those who were blinded by the sun and thought that even the more elevated areas were at nice weather, had theirselves a very nasty surprise… at least 1 motorcycle driver and 1 car had problems when they were going for the top level of the prevoiusly mentionned pass roads.

Sustenpass – image is courtesy of the respective copyright holder

However the weather forecast announced better and warmer weather at the beginning of the next week again…

Let’s see what the weather brings up for the upcoming weekend…

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