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Sandisk finally did it… too!

Remember when I posted about the first SDXC microSD card from Lexar in
June this year? Finally my favourite memory card manufacturer seems to
have done the same and announces these little giant cards as well. At a MSRP
of about 219 US$ / 159 € / 199 CHF these cards are fair calculated.

But as always there must be said that these cards may not run in every device, so it’s your task to check out wether your device can handle them or not. Sandisk expects 74% of all PDAs and mobile phones to be equipped with an SDXC slot. Probably at that time, the small fingernails are about to hold 256 GB or the like.

Today, most of the devices can handle 32GB SDHC-cards very well.

But also the “classic” SDHC cards are back with news: SanDisk finally managed it to squeeze out the most concerning speed. These cards are designed to fire up to 30MB/s onto your device and take almost the same speed when your device writes to it. How much these cards really can take is probably mine to check out!

With a MSRP of 129 US$ / 99 € / 119 CHF these ain’t too expensive for a test drive.

Both cards are expected for October 2011. So check out your favourite electronics dealer for these small bastards!

Unlike Lexar, SanDisk has a real date for the cards to be released. In the early times, there was a similar call for the top, when Patriot has announced 32 GB cards at the beginning of 2010 but did not come up with these until May 2010 where SanDisk started shipping their 32 GB microSDHC’s… so whenever I see a new call for the top from someone else than SanDisk, then for me it looks like a try and no actual breakthrough!

Happy sunday! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Here’s a small product video as well (2017 with 400GB!) – Old vieo was gone:

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