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Scholar’s mate – Killing me quickly!

Today I tried to apply the so-called Scholar’s mate move on the AI. You don’t know what
Scholar’s mate means? It means, setting the opponent checkmate within 4 moves
ignoring any threat of him. As this move is very basic, you won’t see professionals
playing that move in any way. Amazing how quick the AI was beaten!

I set the AI to Medium-to-Low difficulty in order to do so as on low setting the AI plays too defensive!

I’ll show you the moves of both players (White seems black and vice versa – thus the pawns as demonstration):

♙= White – ♟ = Black

  1. ♙e2-e4
  2. ♞b8-c6
  3. ♕d1-h5
  4. ♟b7-b6
  5. ♗f1-c4
  6. ♟a7-a5
  7. ♕h5-f7#

Checkmate of Black in 4 moves – the classical Scholars mate! – the AI made it easy for me as it was not threatening me in any way but just moving it’s pawns. Piece of cake!

As you can see, 2 seconds (a new personal best…) and all was over:


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