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Something on TV that’s worth being watched

I finally found something on TV that’s worthwile watching. Despite the fact that
most of all tv series on TV are crap and that they often garnish these with two
to three blocks of commercial ads. Alone this fact, that on 45 minutes of a TV
series is expanded to 60 minutes because of ads, keep my TV mostly off!

However CSI: Miami dragged my attention. This show is really cool and really thrills. I like the way how they are analyzing all the cases.

There seem to be also other similar tv Shows, namely CSI: NY and Navy CIS… got to watch them as well als CSI: Miami.

So if they finally release the DVDs, I’ll get them as the TV version sucks due to so many ads in between the series…

A similar TV series, called Autopsie – Mysteriöse Todesfälle (Autopsy), is also fine, yet they haven’t released DVDs…

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