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Queens… Wherever you look!

Well… remember, when I beat the AI (or let’s say, the iPhone)  with six queens?
You also remember that I stated, that it would be almost impossibe to gain 7
queens and then bone the AI? Finally I managed to do this also but it was not
easy at all. Took me quite some time to do so and not on easy setting!

Again I had to set the AI to medium setting as the AI tends to f**k up itself with silly moves on easy setting.

Rather complicated and with many in-between moves I finally managed to get six pawns to the other side of the chessboard and thus getting six additional queens without setting the AI stalemate or, even worse, checkmate. The result is the following picture. As you can see, I played about 40 rounds (28 won) in order to find out how to get seven queens.

This is, how I boned the AI finally (Move was b2-b7#):

Just for the casse that you’re asking: NO, I am NOT gonna trying to get eight queens as seven queens is already very difficult to get. Imagine holding 7 pawns and trying to beat up all his other figurines without loosing figurines yourself. That’s simply not possible as the AI in medium setting ist not THAT dumb to fall for that nor forgetting to save it’s figurines with at least two other figurines. And as already said, on easy setting, the AI tends to bone itself very easily and either forcing stalemate or checkmate after a few moves. Believe me, I am playing this chess game for some months now and with the two new updates, the AI seems to have received some slight changes with smart moves also. Why? Because the AI sometimes tricks me and makes me loose lots of pawns and other figurines until I can breach into its side and chase to the wall and finally checkmate.

In average I get 4 queens. Three queens at least. 5 Queens are rare, 6 queens are a little miracle and 7 queens is the new ultimate personal best against the AI. Anything else would take more than half an hour to success and a round where the AI does stupid moves all the way!

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