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Check, Mate!

Again I had to wait for a Test-Computer to be prepared for installation of a test application.
While waiting, I decided to play Chess again and trying to bone the AI again.
As it is rather difficult to gain six Queens AND NOT to Stalemate the AI.
Stalemate means that the opponent can’t make a move without being checked.

I had to think on how to place the Queens and THEN checkmate the AI.

So I started to play around 10 rounds on easy at first and soon had to realize that it is almost impossible to not checkmate the AI during the attempt to bring my pawns to the other side of the chessboard as the computer very often manages to set himself in a position where he’s boned when I get my second or (at most) third queen!

So I had to switch back to medium setting in order to have the AI make more intelligent moves which allowed me in the past to kick in four or five queens.

With this, also the number of Stalemate Draw rounds increased significantly which annoyed me really as it is a very cheap and gay way to end a round!

Interestingly I found out about a new move also: En passant! (link opens new tab or window in Wikipedia).

This special chess move is probably the reason why I was able not to loose as much pawns as possible to bring five of ’em to the other side of the chessboard.

This is the result:


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