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Ever wanted to know…

…where all those airplanes you see on the sky are going to?
I always wondered about the immense amount (spotting almost 5 or 6 planes on the sky
above Bern on a busy day!). More and more modern planes are equipped with a special
GPS sender that allows them to send their position to the different ground controls.

Impressive how many of these are already followable. Of course you may not spot the real important ones such as AF One (the US president’s machine) or the president machine of Germany. However it is said that the small, yet comfy equipped Swiss Confederation Airplane is spottable as it is not only used to bring the Federal Council members to their destinated location but also swiss hostages (i.e. the lybian crisis and Max Göldi) back to switzerland.

Here’s the site that lets you follow them online:

This site’s very detailed and delivers you quite a lot of information about a specific airplane and flight (click to open fullsize in new tab):

Watching the whole world at around 3pm MEST (click to open fullsize in new tab):

Quite impressive and it can waste lots of time (not negatively meant but it is addictive to follow the airplanes and their routes…

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