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10 years ago, the USA at war…

Today, it is 10 years since the attack on the twin towers in New York and the
Pentagon. It was the most horrible situation, the USA had to face. The attack
cost 2977 people their lives. When the planes crashed into the
towers, no one before would have expected anything like that!

So what happened? The morning of September 11th, 2001 started as every day. The people went to work on Manhattan island. The office buildings got crowded more and more. A day like all the others. But at 08:46 AM, one event changed the lives of many people worldwide. Flight AA11 crashes into the northern tower. The plane hits the tower between the 92th and 99th floor. At this time, the public observation deck is not yet opened… luckily!

The plane instantly explodes into a giant fireball spraying its kerosene load onto the tower and into the building as well. The temperature rises to about 1000 degrees celsius. The fire renders all three of the staircases unpassable, the elevator shafts work like giant chimneys that favour the spread of the fire and smoke much more. All people above the 92th floor are trapped.

At this time, the people think, it was a horrible accident that a plane had a false route and thus crashing into the giant building. The 900 policemen and 250 fire rescue men were able to save two thirds of all people in the south tower.

At 09:03 AM the second plane, namely Flight UA175, hits the south tower between the 77th and 85th floor. Now there’s no doubt anymore. The USA has been target of terrorists. The two tower hits were no longer considered as accident.

AT 09:37 AM, the flight AA77 crashed into the pentagon, and cost 127 people their lives.

At 09:59 AM the south tower finally collapsed due to heavy structure changes and excessive heat. All people who were locked in at the upper floors tumbled down with the building’s top that crumbled down to the basement. Also people in the Lobby and Hotel Marriott lost their lives. Spectators also reported that many people decided to jump out of the windows and plummet to death rather than being crashed by the tower or burnt down… a horrible imagination!

At 10:03 AM the Flight UA93 crashed into a field at Shanksville. The destionation of this airplane was probably the White House. Revolts in the airplane however avoided that the forth plane could reach it’s destination.

At 10:04 AM, a police helicopter reported that 15 of the upper fllors in the north tower are red heat! The steel construction was about to withstand temperatures of 1400 degrees celsius. So the red heat of the steel construction could give you an idea which temperatures must have been inside…

At 10:28 AM the north tower finally can no longer stand. The fire has weakened the steel construction, letting the tower collapse. After 102 minutes, the second tower vanished in the skyline of Manhattan.

At 3:27 PM, WTC 7, a rather new office building also collapsed. The reason is still unknown as there was no fire rported. People say, that there was a detonation heard that might have brought WTC7 to collapse.

At this time, the whole world reported about the attacks in New York and Washington that cost so many people their lives. Even today, 10 years after the horrible event, people still suffer from the mental pain that day brought up.

Ten years later, the freedom tower is growing more and more beneath the Ground Zero Memorial and the Pentagon has been structurally restored. But the pain of the people wh lost their beloved ones ten years ago is still there and will probably last their whole lives long!

These are the videos that changed the world forever

Compiled Video footage of the collapsing South tower:

Compiled Video footage of the collapsing North tower:

Video (Surveillance camera) Pentagon:

Plane hits the North tower:

Plane hits the South tower:

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