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New iPad renderings show final design?

Highly anticipated we were a bit disappointed that Apple
didn’t show the new iPad lineup at the Apple Event earlier
this year. But with the upcoming event, a 2nd edition of
the Apple Event if you want to call it like this, we hay hope.

The final renderings of a design studio shows the iPads as they might look like.

While the 12.9″ model will face the same screen as the older models, the case size will reduce. The smaller model will house an 11.0″ screen also with a smaller case. But they will have one thing in common: FaceID. And while we’re at it: Rounded corners. What lloks great on the iPhone might however look odd on a big tablet but on the other hand it’s just a consequent design line Apple tries to establish here.

First we had the iPhone X, then there’s the Apple Watch Series 4 and finally the iPad will enter the Hall of Rounded screen corners. But something will definitely not be with them: The Notch. A characteristic style that the iPhone X(S) has will not hit the iPad, so you will see a same-size bezel all around the screen.

So what else may we see? There are rumors that the new iPad line might drop the Lightning port in favor of a USB-C port. This beacuse Apple intends to stream HDMI 4K60 via adapter. The Lightning port doesn’t seem to handle that much data in time.

It is also expected that the chip driving the iPad will be the A12X Bionic processor that is even faster than the A12 processor in the iPhone XS models.

An Apple Pencil 2 is also expected but here’s the question if it will feature the same charge concept as the first Pencil (which you could plug into the Lightning port and have it fully charged in just 15 Minutes!). The USB C connector is wider than the Pencil’s shaft today is… so there might be either an adapter solution or a new form factor at all.

The camera module will be the same one used in the iPhone XR, thus featuring 12MP and offering up to 4K60p video recording.

Apple will offer three colors in three memory tiers with two connectivity options and two sizes wich result in 36 different iPad models in total!

  WiFi WiFi+Cellular
Memory 128GB 256GB 512GB 128GB 256GB 512GB
11.0″ 749US$ 849US$ 999US$ 849US$ 949US$ 1149US$
12.9″ 899US$ 999US$ 1249US$ 999US$ 1099US$ 1299US$

The table above shows expected prices upon release of the new iPad Pro models.

So let’s see what Apple will show when it’s showtime on October 30th!

This is the latest rendering of the new iPad models that will come in Silver, Gold and Space Grey:

The Event is scheduled for October 30th, 2018 at 10am EDT (4pm MET):

Each attendee got it’s individually designed invitation with an artfully designed apple logo

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