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The art of programming…

…or what can we achieve with a given size limit for the
binary? Today’s entry deals with two extreme demos
that have been shown on the demozoo competition in
2013. One demo is 64KB and the other just 4 KB!

Yeah you read right! The binaries are so small, the one binary just fills one DIN A4 page of chars but generates an image that (converted to PNG) results in a 1.4MB big file and the other one which creates a whole 3D scene with an awesome soundtrack is just a measly 64KB large (or 16 Din A4 pages!). If we compare some low-quality binaries that come at 3MB and more nowadays, this is just another proof that good coding doesn’t need a lot of MB’s to result in a nice program at the end.

But what to write much. Let the programs speak for themselves:

Mercury’s 4K image demo – BrainControl:

Download “Mercury - BrainControl (4K demo)” – Downloaded 147 times – 1.36 MB

BrainControl’s 64K demo – Turtles all the way down:

Download “BrainControl - Turtles All The Way Down (64K demo)” – Downloaded 14 times – 257.49 KB

Afraid of binaries to execute?

Image – Mercury’s BrainControl (4K demo):

Video – BrainControl’s Turtles All The Way Down (64K demo):

And for those who want to see more:

That was in 2013 btw.

So how do demos with 64KB  size from 2017 or 2018 look like?

See them here:

2018 – Conspiracy – When Silence Dims The Stars Above

Download “Conspiracy - When Silence Dims The Stars Above (64K demo)” – Downloaded 203 times – 70.23 KB


2017 – Conspiracy – Vessel

Download “Conspiracy - Vessel (64K demo)” – Downloaded 181 times – 62.35 KB


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