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New temperature record in October!

On October 24th a new temperature record in
Locarno, Ticino (Switzerland) has been recorded
While the thermometer was still reading 23.1 °C
at 5:30am, the temperature rose to 30.1 °C later!

View from Ascona in the canton of Ticino, Switzerland, across Lake Maggiore with Brissago (right) and “Monti Bassano” mountains (left), pictured on August 30, 2010.

The timestamps are not accidentally chosen. Usually the lowest temperatures are recorded at 5:30am. So with 23.1 °C another tropical night was witnessed. Usually you have such nights between June and August, partially in September as well.

So expectations were given when the thermometer went up and up and up… reaching a whopping 30.1 °C at 1:20pm! This is indeed a very rare situation, especially at the end of october where autumn is usually taking place. At the same time it was just 13.3 °C in Bern. And if you consider that both locations are just 244km away from each other, then this is quite odd! bern is at 541 metres above sea level, Locarno is 191m above sea level. So both locations have similar conditions.

In Brissago the temperature even reached 30.4°C which is even warmer.

Given the fact that both cities are within a valley where the heat cannot evade it is common that temperatures reach top levels compared to other locations in Switzerland. But so high temperatures haven’t been reached in the past meaning that the global warming cannot be argued away just that easy.

Temperature extremes like these give a good base for specualtions and the big question here is: Will it get even warmer in the future? Also the fact that a lot of glaciers are melting away, reducing the area of reflecting sunlight makes things even worse. We can also start to ask ourselves if we will witness a strong winter soon again. According to the temperature development in the past years however I start doubting that!

Here are the temperature map and an overview on how close Bern is to Locarno:

Seeing all this it should make you think what we’re heading to but one thing is for sure: Although this year’s summer was quite nice and just rarely too hot (just had 3 or 4 days where temps were over 35°C…) it is terrifying how the climate is noticably changing…

Speaking of that, Locarno and Brissago are facing a massive temperature drop within the next 4 days where the temperature will go back to 15 °C which is similar to these we have in Bern. Let’s see when temperatures will fall below zero and when first snow will come… if at all…

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