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Windows 7 gets ESU till 2023

Windows 7 is still omnipresent in most offices around
the world. The reason is that all these offices refuse
to replace a perfectly good-running OS with Windows 10
as it also means to change the common software library.

The problem with most older software titles is that they’re not well-integrated into Windows 10 and thus tend to make trouble under the hood of Microsoft’s new OS.

As with Windows XP, Windows 7 will be one of the longest-supported OS these days (14 years to be exact). But the extended support time is only for users operating Windows 7 Professional or Enterprise with a volume license. And each additional year will be more expensive.

Microsoft tries to move system admins to upgrade to Windows 10 as it “is more solid than ever before” according to Microsoft.

Fact is that Windows 10 still doesn’t get the acceptance Windows 7 has received in the past. Users are annoyed of the new Metro design and also big tiles replacing tiny icons is not what many users want. Windos 10 allows a boot directly to the desktop with the classic items yet that has to be activated separately.

Also Windows 10 refuses to run certain apps that run perfectly under the hood of Windows 7.

So with the Extended Support, some system administrators might express a sigh of relief… for now!

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