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Google buys Motorola cell phones!

Google has bought Motorola’scell phone division for approx 12.5 billion US$!
With this purchase, Google plans to give Android more support in the cell phone
market. As Motorola is working together with Google for a longer time now, this
step was only a logical conclusion. The name Motorola will still exist though!

With this giant takeover, Google has done another big purchase compared to the last 2 years. Hopefully this purchase will still be a good deal as the older Motorola cell phones did not have that good reputation (such as weak batteries, a very proprietary OS or weak hardware). The newer phone models however loke quite good and could give Google Access to a wider range of customers. Yet I think, the iPhone and Samsung are great competitors to deal with and Nokia seems to have an ace in his sleeves, too…

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  • Rosiv says:

    I must comment, sorry. ;)

    Nokia has beaten in sale numbers this quarter and is now on the 3rd place, behind, of course, apple and samsung.
    Nokia, in my oppinion, doesn’t have any chances to rule the marked again at any time.
    Maybe it is being bought by some other company, too.

    But why did google buy motorola?
    Not because of the great mobile phones (muhahaha) it’s because of the patents being hold by motorola.
    So google has some backing when it comes to patent complaints by other manufactorers.
    Google hasn’t any patents in mobile phones, because of the fact, that they never produced one. And now the can deal with each other, to avoid those complaints.

    Writing errors are there to be ignored! ;)

    Posted on August 16th, 2011 at 07:41 Reply | Quote

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