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Blitz Chess…

How long does it take to set a human player checkmate with the fastest possible
combination of moves such as the Schäferzug? The fastest Game I know of between
two human Players was about 45 seconds. Today I was able to set a new personal
record on the iPhone where I ripped that pesky iPhone in 24(!) seconds!

The AI set to a bit less than medium Setting allowed me to to humiliate the AI in a big way. Strange Thing: the fastest Game I managed to checkmate the AI in easiest difficulty setting was 45 seconds…
This is how it looked like when the AI was beaten:


I like it when I can lock in the AI this way… however performing such a game in 24 seconds is almost a miracle or the iPhone had it’s worst day today…

Another interesting fact is that I only lost one measly pawn. (Okay, I had the AI checkmated without loosing any figure but that was a real rare situation and I don’t know how I managed that…)

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