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Blogging is back…

As you might have noticed, there are more blog entries
coming up in short period of time. At first I had to etch
out some kinks with the underlaying blog system. But
now most of the kinks are gone. Ther will be some…

background work however. All in all you will find more stuff here again as I want to bring life back to this blog after a prolonged silence time. So drop by regularly or pick up my RSS feed in order to stay tuned for news coming up. While I will post more stuff again by time I will also try to sort out the last big problems with plugins and WP compatibility as far as possible and with as less interruptions of this blog as possible.

You will also find me on several social media channels where this blog is also fed into so the choice is yours on how to follow me.

Have fun and enjoy your stay here!

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