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Some heartbeat from me…

Win8LogoAs you might have noticed, I haven’t been posting for quite
a while now. Reason for this is that work and freetime in
summer consume a lot of time which means that my computer
is off most of the time.

But the colder times are ahead and there’s lots of stuff I’ll write about as my “gadget” status is still active and yes, I’ve got me some new gadgets which are worthfully being mentionned! So stay tuned the upcoming weeks as you’ll get some reviews about fancy stuff that enriches and eases your life a bit. Also there’s a review ahead about Windows 10 as I got me some gadget bundled with it for testing purposes.

These are the gadgets I’ll give you a review about soon:

– PLX Devices: Luxor (Rechargeable LED flashlight
– Intel: Intel Compute Stick
– NVidia: Titan X SLI- Snooperscope: Night Vision Camera
– Edimax: Ediplug Wireless Switchable Power socket
– Sandisk: 200GB MicroSDXC card UHS-I

Stay tuned!

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