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Bern takes down the web speed limit!

EWBLogo_whiteEver been annoyed of a very slow internet? Yeah, me too!
Okay, a 250 Mbit/s line for downstream isn’t slow at all but…
if there wasn’t the notorious break on the upstream. And that’s where ewb enters the game with Fiber Internet.

EWBLogo_whiteTwo years ago I was a bit dazzled to see that my local energy Provider ewb considered bringing symmetric internet to the customer at fair prices. While 100 Mbit/s was already announced and (for me) a serious option to the asynchroneous 150/15 line from cablecom, I was visited end of August from a representative of ewb telling me that Fiber internet was finally available at my location. Luckily I am already customer of their power services so why not giving it a try then, I thought.

Surprisingly when the representative has shown me the newly set up portfolio where a synchroneous Gigabit (yeah, you have read right! 1000 Mbit/s!) is available for 129 CHF/month, well, the choice of mine was obvious. So with a signup time of roughly 10 Minutes, all was set for high speed internet then.

September 13th, Time for the servicemen to lay Fiber to my flat – in Switzerland, you’ll need a permission of your landlord to have such things installed. So another waiting time when on September 21st, all was set up – finally.

When the modem arrived just one day later, you’ll bet what my first thing was to do: Check the speed, we want numbers!!!

Okay, time to hook my good ol’ fella, namely my MacBook Pro via the Lightning to GBEthernet port and this ensemble to the freshly delivered Fiber Internet modem w/ WLAN.

Here’s what Speedtest fired:

ewbSpeed3Yikes… look at these upload rates! Nearly 1Gbit up is a really good result!

ewbSpeed2Yikes… even 800Mbit/s downstream which is also quite good!
5ms ping is also nice for those who play FPS online such as CS:GO

ewbSpeed1If you find the sweet spot server… then the combined speed is also unbelievable!

So you can say the new internet era has just begun and fast, affordable synchroneous speeds ARE possible!

For those who mock around now: Hey, where’s the four-digit number? First of all: You will need 10GbE to be on the safe side and second: There’s always overhead data that deducts from the 1000/1024(Mbit/s), typically around 5 to 10%!

So the results I got there are very good already. You get what you pay for and believe me if a high-speed gaming notebook with SSD cannot even handle faster downloads than 80 MB/s because the disk cries “STOOOOP you’re flooding me!”

Just a small word about the hardware though: The ewb modem is fast, sure, but only the ethernet ports can deliver the full Gbit Internet speed. The WLAN part only supports 802.11a/b/g/n 2.4GHz at maximum 300 Mbit/s, so your WLAN will be the bottleneck!

And that’s where you should shell out another 150-200CHF and install a 802.11ac-capable WLAN router to one of the modems ethernet ports. The Netgear R7000 delivers fine performance paired with a good range. Even in 7m distance, no direct view to the antennas, the speed still passes 600 Mbit/s in both directions.

Oh: one more thing…

While I was waiting for my internet being installed, I took part at the ewwwb sweepstake where a shiny new Apple Watch Sport was the prize.

Unbelievable but true: I got a call from ewb where the representant told me that I was the lucky one! This is like having all the correct numbers in lottery!

EWB SweepstakeOne happy customer just made much more happy!

Thank you very much, ewb!

P.S.: The Apple watch is my daily companion from that day!

Greetings go to Lukas Zellweger who made the pictures and gve me the prize!

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